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In the fall of 2016, I started to look forward to a new chapter of my personal development— purposely developing as a visual artist.  Just as I was contemplating this move in a vague sense, an advertisement for a new online school (paintable) caught my attention. The free promotional workshop turned my idea of how to practice on it’s ear and suddenly made the impossible very doable.  Within six months of following through on the given lessons and exercises, I was flourishing as a digital artist. Currently, I’m growing in new ways as I learn with every commission I accept and through other online courses and support groups.

I’m still refining my idea of what exactly I’m aiming to do with my new-and-improved skills and how exactly I want to hone and refine them, so some of my projects can seem a little all over the map. I currently tend toward character portrait illustration, but would like to improve my line-art and conceptual art skills. I also have a strong desire to combine my interest in writing with these visual arts to produce comics.

Thank you for visiting my site and witnessing this chapter of my personal development!

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