Current Project Status

Paid Illustration Work in Progress

The Fearless – book cover for W. Marshall
Status: Characters thumb-nailed, designed and sketched! Mocked out the text and background and resized elements. Restarting characters from scratch.
Timeline: Primary project. Completion target … March 2020

Character for Mr H.
Status: (hold)

USS Mercutio Ship portrait for Jill
Status: In discussion

Characters for Delon
Status: (hold)


Steve C.- Trek OC Cadet
Status: Complete 3-17-20 (5hrs over 2 days)

Karis – Character image for Kristi
Status: Restarted this project to improve the character and the composition. Much happier with the new sketch. Establishing values underway. update 9-7: working on colorizing and details. update 12-1-19: working on an updated repaint version. In final detailing stages.

Timeline: would like to complete by 8-30 New and improved sketch completed 9-1! goal, to complete painting by 9-20 restarting my unfinished works, new goal for this is before 12-14-19 12-22-19  Finished 1-26-20

Character for Christopher M.
Status: Begun nov 25th, 12-1-19- in painting stage.  goal for finishing this is before 12-14-19 Completed and delivered 12-15-19

Brent L. – simplified character images
Status: Brief received
Timeline: deliver sketches before 8-23 8-27   completed 8-30-19

The Interrogator – book cover for W. Marshall
Status: Design process wrapping up. Colors and mood established. Moving from design to painting.
Timeline: Design work done from 7-7 to 7-12. Start painting 7-19 with goal to complete by Aug 3rd. Update: Changes made to design, new target date: Aug 9th. Update: Completed art, delivered with type. project completed and delivered 8-16

Character for BaronBlackaby
Status: Completed
Timeline:  Started June 3rd Would like to deliver before 6-15 Completed 6-13

Sharon the Voice – promotional art: painted logo
Status- received mood board images and discussed. update 5-11: sent the logo for final approval. Update 5-31: changes made, line work cleaned, forms reduced
Timeline: Completion by May 15th (delivered, May 31st)NOTE- Client has decided to forgo self-promotion at this time anyway. Changes may be needed in the future. Completed 9-7-19

DagorBeleGardian – promotional art
Status- Completed
Timeline: April 20th (Completed, April 10th)

Doril the Paladin Dwarf – Character image for Hadir
Status: Completed
Timeline: Would like to paint this by April 10th 25th (Completed, April 17th)

Amare the Nautolan Sith Princess – Character image for Delon
Status:  Completed 3-28

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