Learnuary is Here

I’ve tried NaNoWriMo and I’ve tried Inktober. I’ve even tried a fun one called Story-a-day-in-May (which I might give another chance, actually). And even after a few attempts over the years, I’ve never gotten much out of them. I sort of look over the lovely things others make and remind myself that the trend of monthly themed challenges are great for others, but not really for me, largely due to the spasmodic nature of my availability and energy levels.

That is, until I ran into Learnuary — this might be the first one I manage to do and love doing. In fact, by the terms of the challenge, I’ve already more than met it, and I can go on meeting it again and again without ever feeling like I’ve failed for missing a day.

I also love it because it doesn’t hone into just one field or area or medium of creativity, but allows for really broad instructional and tips so I can explore whatever I please as a subject to share.

Learnuary (<—The Etherington Brothers’ original post)

I’ve completed three entries so far and have more in production!

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