Freesource: PureRef

As an artist, I use this small but powerful program nearly on the daily. It basically is drag and drop image collection/ mood boarding, and you can make the frame float over all your other windows and drag it around and resize it so you can always have your source images right on top, but out of your way. Super simple. I don’t save tons of files in folders any more. You can literally click on the image in your search window and drag it to your Pureref, and then save just the one Pureref board as one file.

When you download it you can choose any amount to pay for the program, or type 0 if you’re strapped for now (maybe throw some money at it later though, because you’re gonna love it.)

If you do anything at all with images for hobbies or professionally, you need this powerful little resource. It’s actually the second icon on my windows taskbar, I use it that much.

Draw from resource!

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