Grow Vertically

One of my favorite Youtubers shared this (video below). While I do think there are *times* to try new things and dabble, I think I’ve felt relieved at axing the idea of trying to commit to everything all the time in my areas of interest! This is some great advice. I noticed something similar whenContinue reading “Grow Vertically”

Free Image Resources

What’s up? I have these links in my pocket and I figure maybe I can just leave them here for other creators to use. Sometimes I need a free photo to make an image banner or to put a little visual interest on an article, or I want a certain resource to inspire a sketch,Continue reading “Free Image Resources”

THE AVDP Drawing Textbook

Teach me to Draw! There is a lost vocabulary of drawing that it seems most art teaching has forgotten to formally impart any longer. I have a sense that this was more common practice in formal art schooling in some bygone era, since it seems to be common knowledge to a lot of old schoolContinue reading “THE AVDP Drawing Textbook”

Tips and Tricks: Two Ways to Save Time in Krita

I didn’t know these existed!!! As a frequent Krita user I’m very excited about these two *major* time savers. It’s not even so much the time they save as the peace of mind! In the first tip, he shows how you can set a save point to reopen a working set of tabs! This meansContinue reading “Tips and Tricks: Two Ways to Save Time in Krita”