Tips and Tricks: Two Ways to Save Time in Krita

I didn’t know these existed!!! As a frequent Krita user I’m very excited about these two *major* time savers. It’s not even so much the time they save as the peace of mind! In the first tip, he shows how you can set a save point to reopen a working set of tabs! This means I can now shut down krita even in the middle of a complicated work flow (as long as each individual file is properly saved). So Ioften i just leave Krita open because of the hassle it would be to have to figure out all of the files i’m in the middle of using and reopen them next time. Now I can just save the whole smash of tabs at once and come back like I never left!

The other tip is like seting save points in time during your process. Freaking awesome. The only way to top this tip is to invent a time machine and drive over 88 miles per hour, Marty.

Thanks to Nate over at Photolearningism! Awesome tips.

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